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Chettinad the most outstanding feature is the cuisine.
The main thing about the authentic restaurant is that it refuses to be put into a box. And that’s the thing about the food at “The Chettinad” as well. Young and fun, yet rooted in traditions that span the length and breadth of this country, with all its varied topographies and cultures and histories. The experience at the “The Chettinad” is a party, as well as, a bit of a history lesson.
Of all the aspects of Chettinad, the most outstanding feature is the cuisine. No restaurant would miss out on Chettinad Chicken on its menu and its rich, spicy taste gratifies the Indian’s and the Norwegian’s palette to a greater extent. The popular, appetizing Chettinad dishes include Pepper Chicken and Varuval. The speciality of the masala made by using sundried assortments pounded on pestles provides earthy flavour. And the restaurant is known to change things up.
What doesn’t change, though, is the quality of what’s on your plate, and the warmth with which it is presented to you. The service deserves special applause – the staff here are warm and friendly, they really know the menu, and they will remember what you liked (and didn’t) the next time you visit. Because you will visit again.

The Chettinad is one of Oslo, in fact, Norway’s most prized restaurants. The expert chef’s crafts Indian dishes so that they retain their original charm but also have a touch of both modernity and culture. Known for its Butter Chicken, melt-in-your-mouth Naans, delicious dals and exquisitely plated, inventive desserts, The Chettinad is the place to be for dinner to remember. For starters, the Veg Kuruma, Palak Paneer is a favourite, as is its meaty counterpart, the Lamb Seekh Kebab.
Special Mix Grill, Prawns tikka, are a few other incredible delicacies on the menu. Oh, and don’t miss the popular, appetizing Chettinad dishes include pepper chicken and varuval, the special Chettinad Menu. When it’s all done, you’d have some space for a glass of sparkling wine.
In the land of Norway, there lies Oslo’s best-kept Chettinad’s secret, “The Chettinad”, one of the best casual dining Indian restaurants in Oslo that has become quite a sensation. The restaurant mainly serves famous Indian cuisine but draws on influences from Chettinad- South India. The Chettinad is an Authentic South Indian restaurant designed with unique cultural flair.
We pride ourselves on sourcing the freshest produce from the markets, and our chefs are known to be a ninja when it comes to cleaning all these sources. Our superpower lies in discovering the most basic produce found deep within the markets of Norway and transforming it into a masterpiece on your plate. On the menu, you’ll find an excellent selection of Chettinad delicacies.
Dishes that have become fixtures on the menu including the best vegetarian and non-vegetarian exemplify the restaurant’s commitment to sustainable sourcing. Each of the ingredients that make up the hearty salad sourced locally.
We are on a mission in bringing Oslo diners a range of decidedly authentic ingredients. The Chettinad is a space that encourages experimentation and innovation in the kitchen. The food at Chettinad showcases regional, often well-known, ingredients in exciting same authentic old ways.

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September 21, 2020
October 16, 2020