About Chettinad


From time immemorial this traditionally and historically Known Chettinad has been noted for its cuisine, agriculture and architecture. Here goes the history of the Nattukottai Chettiars who inhabited Kaveri Poompattinam migrated to Karaikudi in the 13th century and thereby started their origin. These Chettiars were superbly known for their brilliance in diverse trade such as salt, gems, textiles and jewellery, and they were inexplicably skilled that they made their entry into banking and finance in the 19th century.

The wondrous fact is, the multifarious aspects of Chettinad remains unchanged which includes the rice and paddy cultivation. The marvellous thing is, on your entry to that place, you will feel overwhelmingly delightful at the vast expanse of green paddy field and the quietness of the vicinity, unlike the noisy bustling of the cities. The life story of this powerful community renders a marvellous feeling and as we finish reading, it feels great and we feel enormously proud of this fraternity.


Food is the elixir of life. It brings celebration, joy and togetherness. Its the central axis of human life.
Of all the aspects of Chettinad, the most outstanding feature is the cuisine. No restaurant would miss out on Chettinad chicken on its menu and its spicy sumptuous taste gratifies the Indian's and the foreigner's palette to a greater extent. The popular, appetizing Chettinad dishes include pepper chicken and varuval. The speciality of the masala made by using sundried assortments pounded on pestles provides earthy flavour.

The Chettiars are known for their hospitality and the size of the kitchen and lavish banquet halls bear testimony to the feasts served there. Being in a joint family system, every meal is prepared in a large quantity and an elaborate affair. The utensils used are unique in the size and design and the Chettinad history of hosting the British guest during the 19th century bears proof for using western dishes and usage of cutlery. Still, the age-old tradition of serving traditional multicourse meal of 20 dishes, is the integral part of the cuisine.


The most alluring feature of the Chettiars’ era has been the Chettinad homes and their style of combining western and eastern sensibilities they manifested. The most affluent Chettiars with their unique strength and indulgence travelled far and wide to promote their trade and till date they outshine in every trade, agriculture and architecture.

As you move in the town, you would hardly miss out either a big temple or a small deity housed in a little temple. The aroma that spills the streets from the homes constantly remind you of the legendary cuisine that bears the name of the region. If led by the guides through the streets, they would bemuse you with the stories that they reveal, while recreating the history of the town living from another era.